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Minor Ailment Prescriptions in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Harm of Taking Expired Medications


Taking medications is an essential aspect of a person’s recovery from chronic diseases to mild illnesses. However, individuals should remain vigilant in checking the expiration dates of their prescriptions. Otherwise, it could be risky to your health due to a change in its medical composition. Further, expired medications are susceptible to bacterial growth which can lessen their effectiveness and often lead to adverse side effects on the body. These may give rise to other health conditions such as kidney or liver problems and prolonged sickness or pain which leads to higher medical costs. Hence, it is important to clean out your cabinets, check for expired medications, and safely dispose of them.

Life & Care Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba that can help you manage your medications, avoid taking expired ones and ensure compliance thereto. Thus, we provide Compliance Packaging wherein your prescriptions are packed according to your needs and preference. Some of these include:

  • Travel packaging to ensure continued intake and address emergencies on the road
  • Multiple medication packaging to avoid confusion for those simultaneously taking various medications
  • Blister packaging to prevent medication tampering or accidental drug misuse

Not only that, we are a pharmacy in Manitoba that provides quality pharmaceutical products with an affordable price range in order to help families and individuals effectively manage their health and achieve a higher quality of life.

With our goal of providing direct and easy access to healthcare, we deliver medical supplies at your doorstep, free of charge. For inquiries, you may contact us at 204-233-7888, or visit our website at http://lifeandcarepharmacy.com/.

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