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Minor Ailment Prescriptions in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Quality in All Levels


When choosing a pharmacy in Manitoba, always put quality above all your standards. Nothing is more important than receiving products and services knowing that they are of quality. It gives you peace of mind and contributes to your healing and wellness.

It is why Life & Care Pharmacy exists. You can see that quality is reflected in every aspect of our pharmacy.

  • Quality Supplies
    Our medicine and other pharmaceutical products are efficient. When you purchase with us, you always receive the best value. That is a guarantee.
  • Quality Price
    We want to make sure that everyone who needs medical supplies has access to them without having to break their bank accounts. Quality is not expensive.
  • Quality Services
    The state-of-the-art equipment available for our clients allows us to deliver fast and reliable services. We deliver your needs, too.
  • Quality People
    Trained and concerned pharmacists and accommodating staff make up our pharmaceutical team. If the team is composed of the right people, quality is not hard to achieve.

We are a retail pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba who envisions improving your life by providing the best services we can offer. Thus, quality is present in everything that we do. If you are ready to experience quality at all levels, talk to us.

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Our Mission Statement

Life & Care Pharmacy endeavors to provide accurate, efficient, and high quality pharmaceutical products and services that can meet the needs of our customers. We want to be your trusted pharmacy of choice.

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