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Minor Ailment Prescriptions in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Answer to Your Unique Medication Needs


There are a lot of people who can’t take the prescribed medicines for their health conditions. This is because some components of their prescribed medicine may give them a certain allergic reaction, and this is where compounding is needed. At Life & Care Pharmacy, a quality retail pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we offer compounding services so people in this community can have access to all their medications.

We want our customers to know that we are a pharmacy dedicated to serving them with all their pharmacy needs, from their vitamins down to compounding. We have experienced and well-trained professionals who are responsible for making sure that you get the unique medicine that you need to help your recovery process or keep you healthier. Our pharmacy in Manitoba does not only revolve around ensuring unique medicines for patients are provided, they can also customize your children’s vitamins by adding some flavors. If you find it hard to get your kids to take their vitamins, our compounding services may come in handy for you.

If you want to know more about the scope of this service or just have concerns and inquiries, do not hesitate to ring our lines. You may also visit our medical supplies pharmacy directly, depending on what you prefer.

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Life & Care Pharmacy endeavors to provide accurate, efficient, and high quality pharmaceutical products and services that can meet the needs of our customers. We want to be your trusted pharmacy of choice.

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