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Minor Ailment Prescriptions in Winnipeg, Manitoba

How Can Medications Hurt Your Health?


Medications are some of the most powerful factors for our overall healing. They make our illnesses more manageable, effectively aiding in our recovery. This is why medications are part of every recovery plan for every health condition. However, as a retail pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we are also aware of the potential risks that come with medications. When do these medications become harmful to our health?

  • Side effects
    Drugs have the potential to hurt you in their most basic form. Many medications have side effects that can be harmful to your body. These are foreign substances, and your body will always react to these medications in some type of way. Our pharmacy in Manitoba always aims to educate patients about their drugs before taking them.
  • Drug misuse
    Misusing and abusing medications is guaranteed to hurt your health. The wrong usage of medications will lead to harmful reactions, with some leading to death due to overdose. A simple drug prescription from a qualified healthcare professional can help control the distribution of certain medications.
  • Expired medications
    Expired medications also aren’t guaranteed to be safe. Manufacturers put expiration dates as a reference for the safety and effectiveness of a medication. Safety and effectiveness are no longer guaranteed when these drugs are taken beyond the indicated date.

Here at Life & Care Pharmacy, we are more than dedicated to ensuring your medication treatments go well. Our medications and other pharmaceutical products in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are sure to aid in your recovery. Give us a call for your inquiries!

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