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Minor Ailment Prescriptions in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Before the Shift: Transfer Prescription Checklist


Prescription medications are already considered essential to the one’s taking these meds. With this importance comes the precaution that should be taken in every step. Whenever you need to transfer your prescription from the current pharmacy to the next, here are outlined components to assess:

  • Check the reason for the shift.
    Are you looking for better products or better service? Do you prefer the pharmacy that is nearer to do? Or, perhaps you need to move and will be in residence at a new location? A clear reason can help you in getting the most suitable pharmacy.
  • Check the pharmacy options.
    Before making the decision, it makes sense to gather as many relevant choices as possible. Using the criteria you have focused on in your reason, determine which pharmacies belong to the location, quality, or even price points. Matching your options with your reason is a step to achieving the best transfer situation.
  • Check the actual service.
    The pharmacy’s reputation provides a glimpse of your future experience with them. Pay close attention to the quality of products they provide and the level of customer service they extend to clients. Ultimately, your transfer will be successful if they have your listed prescription and can deliver the supplies as expected.

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